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Safe & Drug Free Calendar

Are you interested in getting involved with the Steele County Safe & Drug Free Coalition? Be sure to check out the calendar of events below! If you have any questions, get in touch with us. Continue checking back here for further updates.

  • July Activities
  • July 10th: Owatonna Pride Festival
    Morehouse Park South Elm Ave
    Owatonna MN

  • July 10th: Movie and Free swim
    3065 St. Paul Road
    Owatonna MN

  • July 10th: Painting with the Signery
    2554 28th street SW
    Owatonna MN

  • July 10th: Ken Bey classic gold tourney
    Brooktree Golf Course & Broken Tee

  • July 11th: Extravaganza at the Village
    The village of yesteryear

  • July 15th: SCHS Genealogy Club
    Steele County Historical Society
    1700 Austin Rd.
    Owatonna MN

  • July 15th: Yoga calm for kids
    Solid Studios 1400 South Oak Ave
    Owatonna MN

  • July 16th: Frumpled Fairy Tales
    Little Theatre of Owatonna 560 Dunnell DR. #A
    Owatonna MN

  • July 16th: Owatonna Farmers Market
    100 East Main Street

  • July 19th: Inclusive Playground and Miracle Field grand opening
    Manthey Park 225 24th street
    Owatonna MN

  • July 20th: In person painting
    Community Ed building 121 East Mckinley Street
    Owatonna MN

  • July 23rd: Owatonna Farmers Market
    100 East Main Street

  • July 30th: Owatonna Farmers market
    100 East Main Street

  • July 25: 12:00–1:30pm, Coalition Picnic Morehouse Park

  • August 2-3: Cashwise Burgers & Brats Scholarship Stand

  • August 8: Steering Committee Meeting

  • August 15-20: Safe & Drug Free at SCFF

  • October 23 -31: Red Ribbon Week

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